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Though a classically trained artist, Jenny Yuen Nee Ong is known for being musically eclectic and endlessly curious. At the age of 15, her talents were formally acknowledged when she completed the highest level examination given by the London-based Associated Board Royal School of Music with full distinction.


Taught and mentored by world-renowned pianists like Hiroko Nakamura, Mykola Suk, Danielle Martin, Valida Rassoulova-Suk, Marie-Joseph Jude, Lyall Duke and Rickie Oui, Ms. Ong's talents have led to many performance invitiations and awards. Her awards and grants include the Texas Alamo City Award, the Dalies Frantz Endowed Scholarship from the University of Texas, and a Columbia University Fellowship.


As the result of her varied interests and influences, her repertory includes music from contemporary, classical and romantic genres. This remarkable grasp of different music genres has allowed her to develop unique musical personalities as a soloist, a classical chamber musician

and even as a Jazz and Pop collaborator. In this latter personality, Ms. Ong has recently worked with award winning song writer, singer and guitarist, Charlie Karp, as well as Australian-born New Yorker, Jazz artist Quentin Angus.

Performing has always been one of Ms. Ong's passions. In the past, she has participated in numerous international music festivals, including the Aspen International Music Festival, the Nice Music Festival, the International Keyboard Festival in New York City and the Beijing International Music Festival. In addition, several of her performances have been broadcasted on

Active in benefits in her adopted community of Westport, CT., Ms. Ong has also become a respected and well-known teacher and mentor to select private students in the Northeast.

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