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“Jenny continues to be both a teacher and mentor to my daughter, Sophie.  Her time spent with Jenny has opened a pathway for a lovely maturity -- a progression based on poise as well as an appreciation and respect for a fine art.”

--Lori Dodd, Westport, CT

"Jenny is a wonderful, warm, and caring teacher who tailors the lessons to the interests and abilities of each of our three children. She is also a superb mentor and has helped with our children's confidence and social development.  Her enthusiasm, love of music, dedication and creative teaching approach all combine to inspire them to enjoy playing the piano. It has been a pleasure to have Jenny be a part of our children's musical education."

--Sherri Wu, Weston, CT

I am so very pleased to write of my daughter's experiences with Jenny's studio. Now in High School, each began taking lessons at the age of 5. Over the years I've watched time and again as Jenny connects with the girls through a wonderful combination of love of music, ever present enthusiasm and an ability to encorage and challenge the girls. Through her positive reinforcement and a guiding hand, I've witnessed her students grow as musicians and develop a confidence, presence and voice that will serve them well beyond the piano studio. It's been a wonderful journey for my girls.

.--Dan Geelan, Westport, CT

"A gifted piano instructor,  Jenny has a gentle yet strong approach that encouraged our daughter to quickly learn piano with a fous on balancing technique with a sense of accomplishment.”"

--Felicia and David Keeton , Westport, CT

"We joined Jenny’s studio more than 3 years ago.  Back then, my daughter had lost interest in piano and joining Jenny’s studio rekindled her interest. Jenny is a wonderful teacher because she is flexible and knows how to work with each student.  She is able to motivate and inspire.  Her attitude is positive and encouraging but still pushes her students to do better…and to practice.  Being Jenny’s student of is not just about playing the piano.  She exposes the students to various cultural events. In addition, the students also learn to give back to the community - like her year end concert which is always dedicated to a charitable organization."

--Deb Lee, Fairfield, CT

"Ms. Ong's teaching methodolgy blends passion and patience in a way that builds confidence in a child.  We look forward to our children continuing their musical education under her wonderful guidance.”

--Lana and Erik Peterson, Weston, CT

"Jenny has been an inspiration for our daughter for close to 10 years now. Through the years, Jenny has nurtured her desire to learn and appreciate music for the pure art of it. This is evident in all of Jenny’s students. She manages to pick the right music that is enjoyable to each individual, be it a modern or classical. Jenny challenges them along the way - but without undue pressure. She genuinely cares and enjoys teaching her students. The relationship that she establishes with each child and family goes beyond that of just a teacher. To many of us in the studio, Jenny has become a family friend." 

--Yvonne Seto, Westport, CT

"With a deep love of music and a knowledge of many music genres, Jenny's mentoring and performance skills have been a great inspiration to our daughter."

--Catherine and Bill Githens, Westport, CT

"It has been a great pleasure having Jenny as my daughter's piano teacher. She knows how to push her students without taking the fun out. She listens to the wishes and interests of her students and is able to incorporate them into lessons and performances thus keeping them enthusiastic about playing."

--Burcak and Omer Artun, CA

"Jenny treats her students with a respect and kindness that fosters confidence and appreciation and her nurturing guidance and mentorship are an invaluable influence. Her studio is run with the utmost professionalism."

--Joanne Procter, Westport, CT


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