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"Jenny was the twist of good fortune in this (my) journey, With some coaxing, it was for her alone that I played my Spanish waltzes and mashed out my minuets. I attended those still­ dreaded music festivals every March, and at Christmas and the end of school, our recitals droned in libraries and churches. In that little studio community, performances were for our parents and judges, practicing was for our beloved Jenny, and lessons were to do justice to the music. What was for us?


I don’t know how to explain the foundation that was built with Jenny. Lessons, practice, and performance were the only visible, physical things— but for some of us, another unknown variable was nurtured, and there was life in our playing and technique."

 --Sophie Collins, Westport, CT

"To all, I want to give a glimpse into the world of Ms. Jenny. She is a caring and very kind teacher. She is also extremely friendly, and has a bright aura around her wherever she goes. She sometimes teaches in the Westport school system, and always looks for a way to get involved with the community. Ms. Jenny’s students are all polite, creative, and smart. Each one of them brightens up a cloudy day, and enjoys playing the piano." 

 --Emir Beg, Westport, CT


"I started taking piano lessons 4 years ago with Jenny Ong.  I was a true beginner as I never played a musical instrument as a child and learning as an adult can be very challenging! Jenny taught me to read music and I play almost every day at home. We play all types of songs and she loves when I bring her songs from my teenage past!  Jenny is so patient and encouraging.  She truly loves teaching and it shows!"

 --Barbara Greenspan, Westport, CT

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