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Please ... just a brief glimpse of my life's musical journey to reveal the parts that complete me as a teacher ...


Though studying seriously as a child, I really knew that I wanted to be a pianist when, at seventeen, I played for Madam Hiroko Nakamura … who was then one of the world’s most renowned concert pianists. Taking me under her wing and offering her friendship, she helped me prepare for the most rigorous formal music training imaginable. Nurtured by her gracious guidance, my love of the piano bloomed into a life long romance with this gorgeous instrument … a relationship that inspired me to go around the world to train with elite artists, representing the richest of the world's musical traditions from England, Australia, Russia, France and the United States.


All these wonderful experiences have cemented in me the value of a nurturing teaching technique as well as having a better understanding of the role making music can play in helping others have a more balanced life. So many of my childhood

relationships and lessons learned still exist today … encouraging me to continue to grow as a musician and a woman. In this spirit of growth through music, I am inspired to “pay it forward” to others.

Though my early training was focused on mastering a classical repertoire and techniques, I have found that allowing students to express themselves in a variety of styles helps cultivate a lasting relationship with both the piano and music. Accordingly, I believe in inspiring my students to develop their own unique talents while wrapping this uniqueness with the fundamentals of proper technique and music theory. Ultimately, my goal is to motivate my students to have a lifetime of interest in music making, either for personal pleasure or a music career. 


As a teaching venue, I have created a close-knit studio with a mission of developing the appreciation of the piano’s contribution to all types of music. In addition to instruction, I often take students to the opera, symphonies and chamber music events. I have found that when students have first hand experience observing the piano’s unique capabilities of expressing complex, multi-textured musical ideas, they become more motivated to learn.  

Come join me and my other students in experiencing a rewarding musical education! Together, we will learn, grow and have fun mastering one of the most wonderful of all musical instruments, the piano.

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